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FAQ to Kokoboard

Q : What is Kokoboard ? A : Kokoboard is wood-substitute board, made of agricultural by-product,The Eco-Friendly Material. Rice Straw Board and Coconut Dust Board meet the standard of Particle Board from Department of Science Service (DSS) Rice Straw Board come up with additional property of flame retardant, moisture resistant, termite resistant and formaldehye free […]

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Stop Deforestation Kokoboard was established in the area of 210 square meters. It uses 260 tons of rice straw to produce 250 cubic meter of strawboard per year. Kokoboard saves about 92.7 trees or 4.63 acres of forest area yearly. Ecology Sustainable. Reforestation to protect watersheds Ecology Sustainable near us To our children in the future. Decrease […]

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