Kokoboard samples travel around the world!

VLUU L210 / Samsung L210KOKOBOARD ; Cocodust to be part of the ‘Nature ‘ exhibition in Utrecht, The Netherlands.This exhibition takes place from 22 September – 30 October 2010

‘How can we learn from the ingenious solutions from other organisms and use them to solve our design problems?

The exhibition Nature, Materials and Architecture ‘ helps to find new applications and solutions in using materials for a sustainable future’Concrete with elephant grass, Nanogel, bio-resins, plastic recycled chewing gum, flexible films, solar cells, concrete made with bacteria ..
What these materials have in common, is that they all refer in one way or the another to sustainability.
The exhibition features a hundred samples of materials from the extensive collection of innovative materials powered by Materia.

Exhibition ‘Nature, materials and architecture”

The sustainability exhibition will be held in Utrecht from 22/09- 30/10 at Aorta Centre.

Aorta offers information about developments in the field of urban development, architecture and related disciplines. If you would like to visit Aorta: www.aorta.nu <http://www.aorta.nu/>

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