Product & Service

  1. Eco Panel Board for interior decor and furniture making,
    Rice Straw Board and Other Eco Panel Board

    Rice Straw Board size 4.03’x4.03′, thickness 4, 6, 8 and 10 mm
    Rice Straw Board size 1″x1″, thickness 4, 6, 8 and 10 mm
    Peanut Shell Board and Rice Husk Board (Preorder with minimum 200 sheets)







2. Small Rice Straw Board Production line for SME (size 60×60 cm) (42,665 USD)
Rice Straw Board Production line, size 60×90 cm (48,335 USD) excl. transportation

Rice Straw Board Production Line for SME, manual process

















3. Upcycle Consulting Service: Consult how to upcycle Agro-Industrial Waste into Green Building Material, and matching appropriate machinery to the waste











4. PIECEFULL, The Gift by Nature, eco-lifestyle product from rice strawboard











5. Advising, Planning and Recycling Old Shelf, Counter to new furniture, a new product for a chain store, hotel, and department store










6. Services: Laser, woodcutting and carving with CNC and UV Print on any flat material












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