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  1. Eco Panel Board for interior decor and furniture making,
    Rice Straw Board and Other Eco Panel Board

    Rice Straw Board size 4.03’x4.03′, thickness 4, 6, 8 and 10 mm
    Rice Straw Board size 1″x1″, thickness 4, 6, 8 and 10 mm
    Peanut Shell Board and Rice Husk Board (Preorder with minimum 200 sheets)








2. Workshop “How to make Rice Straw Board” for organisation, institute or private group. For more information,
please call (66) 93 2595 697 or mail to: kokoboard@yahoo.com. You can leave your question to messenger at
facebook: kokoboard

็How to make Rice Strawboard
Workshop “How to make Rice Straw Board”

















3. Small Rice Straw Board Production line for SME (size 60×60 cm) (42,665 USD)
Rice Straw Board Production line, size 60×90 cm (48,335 USD) excl. transportation

Rice Straw Board Production Line for SME, manual process

















4. Upcycle Consulting Service: Consult how to upcycle Agro-Industrial Waste into Green Building Material, and matching appropriate machinery to the waste











5. PIECEFULL, The Gift by Nature, eco-lifestyle product from rice strawboard











6. Advising, Planning and Recycling Old Shelf, Counter to new furniture, a new product for a chain store, hotel, and department store










7. Services: Laser, woodcutting and carving with CNC and UV Print on any flat material