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FAQ to Kokoboard

Q : What is Kokoboard ? A : Kokoboard is wood-substitute board, made of agricultural by-product,The Eco-Friendly Material. Rice Straw Board and Coconut Dust Board meet the standard of Particle Board from Department of Science Service (DSS) Rice Straw Board come up with additional property of flame retardant, moisture resistant, termite resistant and formaldehye free […]

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Kokoboard member of U.S. Green Building Council KOKOBOARD produces environmentally friendly bio-composite boards for greener production and sustainability. If you are pursuing green building projects under LEED green building certification program, our product may contributes toward satisfying the following credits *Note: Based on “Leed 2009 For New Constructions and Major Renovations Rating System” publication **Note: Products […]

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Kokoboard’s particleboards (Thailand’s innovation products) are strength, durable and consist many good standard properties must have in a particleboard. Kokoboard’s particleboards passed the Test results from Department of Science Service under Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand. These are special properties as: High moisture resistant Flame retardant (Kokoboard’s particleboards passed the UL94-V0 from MTEC) […]

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