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Stop Deforestation

Kokoboard was established in the area of 210 square meters. It uses 260 tons of rice straw to produce 250 cubic meter of strawboard per year. Kokoboard saves about 92.7 trees or 4.63 acres of forest area yearly.

eco sEcology Sustainable.

Reforestation to protect watersheds Ecology Sustainable near us To our children in the future.

sequester of CO2
Decrease CO2 Emission.

According to research and academic articles, burning rice straw emits carbon dioxide. About 40%-80% of straw weight is burnt and CO2 can be dispersed in atmosphere for 50-  200 years. By this reason, it can be calculated that Kokoboard offset 100-180 tons of CO2 annually.

sequester of CO2_2

Air Pollution Decrease.

Burning 260 tons of straw releases 0.8 tons of particulate directly into the atmosphere; therefore Kokoboard reduces the release of this particulate.

Global-Warming-HeadSlow Down Global Warming.

And reduce the burning of rice straw, means kokoboard to help slow global warming along with it.

farmerSecond Income to farmers.

Currently, Kokoboard buys rice straw from 8-10 farmers from Koobangluang Sub-district Administration Organization. This initiative provided a second income for their families and keeps them away from becoming waged or part time labors.

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