OEM from Rice Straw Board

VLUU L210 / Samsung L210OEM Product

Kokoboard provide services as Prototypes making, Replica making and Model making of wood work products in serving education projects and industrial projects in 4 catagories

mood board flat1.Clay Studies
Normally, clay studies is doing by designers themselves. Portion size as how big, how small or same as the real size are not a matter for this studies. Clay studies will show details of a design’s curve, concavity, size for drafting. Materials using in clay studies can be clay, wood, plaster, plastic and etc. depend on how suitable and convenience while scaling is not necessary for clay studies.

2.Scale Models
This models studies are normally make and come out smaller size than the real one. This model can make as the real size or bigger size than the real one too. Precise scaling is important for scale models. Designers can make scale model themselves while drafting for considering outside shape. Materials using in scale models can be clay, wood, plaster, plastic and etc. depend on how suitable and convenience.

VLUU L210 / Samsung L2103.Mock up
This model studies are make and come out as same size as the real one for considering final scale and shape by imitating shape and colors of the real design as much as possible for construction or production purposes. Materials use for making mock up can be everything that suitable and convenience and easy to find.

Makers of this model studies should have high expertise skill. Materials and scaling is very important and precisely same as the real one. Prototype must and can be real using as designer purposes.
This model studies will show the defectives points of design and know how solve or modify the defectives before real construction or manufacture.VLUU L210 / Samsung L210

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