Kokoboard’s particle board passed the “ Formaldehyde Emission Test ” from SGS (Thailand) Limited. The test show our materials are Super-E0 or formaldehyde free and no harm to human health.

The Formaldehyde Emission Standard in wood product and furniture made of wood and other panel board from wood chip and wood fiber are
:- E-1 and E-0 Formaldehyde Emission Standards for Green Adhesives ( European zone standard )
:- Japanese JIS / JAS Formaldehyde Adhesive Emission Standards ( Japan standard )
:- CARB Green Adhesive Formaldehyde Emission Standards ( USA Standard

Formaldehyde Emission Test Result from SGS (Thailand) Limited based on  JIS A 5908:2003

The result show average value at 0.03 mg./l. or (0.03 ppm)  and the highest value at 0.03 mg./l

or (0.03 ppm) which mean kokoboard’s particleboard passed the 3 standards test by got the lower formaldehyde emission amount than the best value standard.
By all means, Kokoboard formaldehyde Emission Test Result at 0.03 mg./l or 0.03 ppm. is the best result and show lower amount of Formaldehyde Emission than the top standard setting.

Users who use kokoboard’s particle board for decoration purpose/furniture making purpose all represent a truly health concern people and classify a superior living quality leadership.

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