Kokoboard’s particleboards (Thailand’s innovation products) are strength, durable and consist many good standard properties must have in a particleboard.

Kokoboard’s particleboards passed the Test results from Department of Science Service under Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand. These are special properties as:

  • High moisture resistant

  • Flame retardant (Kokoboard’s particleboards passed the UL94-V0 from MTEC)

  • Non Formaldehyde Super E-0

Beside the good test result from well-known reputation institutions above, Kokoboard’s particleboards also present other special properties that previous customers were admire and recommend others to use kokoboard’s particleboard are

  • Termite resistant (No other chemical add-in)

  • Natural material scent. (Soft natural scent of each raw material)

  • Unique beautiful textures (Texture of free form raw material)

Material of the year award 2013 from “ Peanut Shell Board ” The Netherlands One of the famous material library of the world

All special properties from Kokoboard’s paricleboards can assure to make a selection and worth to serve all users’ purposes

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