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Kokoboard – Rice St

Kokoboard – Rice Straw Board receive Upcycle Carbon Footprint Certification

With the long process and time, proved that Kokoboard –  Rice Straw Board get approve for Upcycle Carbon Footprint. We give the brief important info our customer may like to know. those are Rice Straw Board 4 mm is Green House Gas avoidable at 11.51 kgCO2e, altogether with safe 1 tree. Rice Straw Board 6 mm is Green […]

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SE change the world...

Post Today distribute the creative business run by Kokoboard, the Natural Panel Board made of agricultural residue. This creative solution to reduce CO2 emission, Global cooling and safe the tree, safe the forest. It was published on  21 August 2016

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Kokoboard, Social E...

Kokoboard After School #9 – SE Stuck to Scale 29 July 2015 at NE8T (exit BTS Ratchatevi) kokoboard in Afterschool 9

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