Kokoboard uses 260 tons of rice straw per year as raw material in production line. The amount is small, but we can proudly say that Kokoboard offset 100-180 tons of carbon dioxide per year. By being our customer, you can support carbon dioxide reduction in the atmosphere and truly help and care for this Earth. Accordingly, you will also have distinguished and unique material to decorate your place with safety to health and wellness. Kokoboard products are non-formaldehyde (super E0), so you can breath comfortably. Many academic articles mentioned that burning ricestraw causes about 40% (some said 70%) of carbon dioxide emission as well as methane and nitrous oxide, which can cause suffocation. Carbon dioxide can…

  • Change Awards

      Kokoboard win Thai Social Enterprise Awards, 2014 : Change Awards           This project aim to fund, support and promote Thai Social Enterprise  who’s have the idea of running social business that benefit for all (social , environment or community and business) . The awards supported by Thai Social Enterprise Office (TSEO). They are coming with 3 different levels called 1. Think Award  for a great idea of social business and possible to start. 2. Do It Award for start-up project 3. Change Awards for social enterprise who run social business for sometimes and would like to grow and sustain their social business

  • Kokoboard in Greenbuild Expo 4-7, 2011

    Kokoboard was an exhibitor in Greenbuild Expo at Toronto, Canada during 4-6 Oct 2011. We have photo to present by now. Kokoboard company limited, all staffs would like to take this chance to say highly appreciate for your interesting, co-operating and helpfulness in encouraging Kokoboard company got along and passed through in this show.