Chalachol , Central Ladprao

GREEN HOUSE GREEN PROJECT use Vetiver grass board, Rice straw board from KOKOBOARD Co.,Ltd.

REM: The best/tough memory.

In 2013, after a year long contact, Central Ladprao was about to use Kokoboard to renovate their building. Unfortunately the political crisis, burnt Central World.

This reason change the first attention of Central Ladprao and went back to use regular material, due to afraid of Kokoboard might flammable

(Regard to normal perception, rice straw is easy flammable, but kokoboard is the flame retardant material, however we have no opportunity to prove during that moment)

A year later, architecture for Chalachol (Hair Salon) in Central Ladprao want to decorate this shop with Kokoboard, but Central was not allow them to use. However, architecture is truly want to use Kokoboard and make sure with us if Kokoboard is flame retardant, we insist and ask him to prove our material by burning it in front of them. Eventually, they approve and have Kokoboard in Chalachol at Central Ladprao, Central Rama9 and Pattaya.

Interior Design : Napat24Design
Construction :CHALACHOL

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